Welcome to the Iron Legs 100k, this is a great race that will challenge all that attempt it.  So if you are looking for a tough race with lots of elevation, amazing views of the Canadian Rockies as you cross ridges, valleys and amazing single track then come to the start line in August.  

2019 Alternate Course

Due to a trail closure as the fire lookout on Moose Mountain is being rebuilt this year we are not allowed to go past Aid Station 5/6. This has cut off about 8km of trail and the views that people got from up there. We have had preliminary approval for the new section and it will that that will replace the lost trail, the course will now go up onto Prairie Mountain which is approx. 6.5km long and will give the amazing views that are provided when getting above tree line. The distance is a little less however there is more elevation gain which will probably mean a little longer over all finish time. So aid station 4 is also aid station 5 and you will go here after going up onto Prairie Mountain. The course will follow the original course up Pneuma to aid station 6 and than go down to the finish following the original course.

Course : The course starts at Station Flats and heads West on the Elbow Valley Trail to the Powderface parking lot.  This is your first aid station before heading up and over Powderface Ridge to the Little Elbow Campground and the second aid station.  Now time to head up and over Ford Knoll before making your way up Ford Creek Trail and taking the connector over to the backside of the Powderface Saddle.  You have a climb to the saddle before dropping back to the Powderface parking lot and aid station 3.  Now time to head along the Elbow Valley Trail before turning onto the Sulphur Springs Trail after a couple of km's you turn onto the Pneuma Trail and head up towards Moose Mountain.  You will find aid station 4 and the top of Moose Packers Trail and this will also be aid station 5 which you will see again after heading to the false summit or saddle of Moose Mountain.  The finish line will be the next stop after aid station 5 and you will get there by following Moose Packers Trail and Ridgeback Trail, before making a left and taking Snakes and Ladders over to Ranger Summit. Once at Ranger Summit you will make your way down Bobcat before taking the North side of Fullerton Loop to Allen Bill for aid station 7.  To get back to the finish you will head back on the South side of Fullerton Loop, take a left and follow Bobcat back to Ridgeback before heading to the finish line.

Aid Stations : There will be 7 full stocked aid stations at 11, 24, 39, 48, 62, 73 and 88km.  The stocked aid stations will have the usual fare of water, sport drink, coke, chips, gummies, gels, granola bars, etc....  

Support Crews : Solo runners are welcome to have a support crew meet them at aid-stations 1,2,3,4,7 and also at 5 and 6, however these ones are only accessable by walking about a mile from the upper Moose parking lot.

Pacers : No pacers are allowed on the course, however you can bring along your dog if you would like.  But remember you are responsible for them at all times, this is in regards to disrupting other runners/trail users and also picking up after them. 

Drop Bags : There will be 2 drop bag locations, at 24km and 48km.

Cut Off Times : There are four cut off times on the course:

The first is at the Pneuma-Sulphur Springs junction after Aid Station 4.  This is the 50 mile/60km junction, and runners need to leave here by 5pm.  If racers do not reach this cut-off, they will be diverted to the 60km course (and still be officially ranked).  The trail marshal will not let racers proceed up Pneuma to Moose Mtn. after 5pm.  Please respect the trail marshal's authority on this.  The cut-off times are for runner and volunteer safety. 

The second cut-off is at aid-station 5 heading up to Moose Mtn.; runners need to leave this aid-station prior to  6:30pm.  If racers do not make this cut-off but wish to continue running, they could still be ranked for the 60km course.  Racers will then need to head down Moose Packers to the finish.  (14km).

The third cut-off is at aid-station 6; runners need to leave this aid-station no later than 8pm.

The last cut off is at aid-station 7; runners need to leave this aid-station no later than 12am.  Please respect the aid station captain's authority on enforcing the cut-off.  This is for racer and volunteer safety. 

Runners must hand in their bibs to aid station/trail marshal to confirm no longer on course.

Mandatory Gear : While the list of mandatory gear is small, I do suggest that you carry more gear with you.  Being that this race is a mountain race that takes you through remote and exposed areas, be prepared for all kinds of conditions.

  • Head lamp required after aid-station 4 (Powderface) at 3pm

  • Race bib

  • Hydration pack or water bottles - min. 1.5L

Suggested Gear : Take a look at the list and consider taking some of these items with you during the race.  The weather can change quick in the mountains and you don't want to to get caught without the proper gear.

  • Wind/Water resistant jacket

  • Tights or pants

  • Food

  • Gloves

  • Hat

  • Bear spray

  • Watch

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun Screen

Misc. : There is limited rides back from the aid stations, so if you decide to drop out, you will be required to wait until the next available ride and may be put to work helping out.  So if you are thinking of pulling out, remember it might be easier to just keep on running.